Necessary Changes

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to purge themselves of toxicity. There’s been a lot of changes I’ve made in the past 2 months – some of them were easy, some of them were hard but all of them were more than necessary. Having made these changes impacts not only how I see the industry in general but how I see my personal relationships and how I see myself. It’s no doubt that even Dommes who seemingly have no problems and lead perfect lives also have personal issues behind the illusion of perfection and that was no different for me, I endured some anxiety and depression for a while but I’ve finally come out of it after a low point of not really being too present in the industry.
I realized a lot of those issues were propagated by toxicity in my life which I have since distanced myself from. Now, how does this affect YOU? Well, it affects you in a good way. As of next month, I will have tons of new fetish content on Clips4sale, IWantClips & Kinkbomb to release and will be releasing said content often. I will also be available for both Niteflirt & cam sessions daily. I do my best when I direct and manage my own content without a middleman and that’s what I will be doing. For a while, I tried to give some of my creative authority to other people and let them make plans but that did not work out.

So get ready. I’m revamping and I’m coming full throttle.

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