Musical Domination: Behavior Modification Through Sound

I’d like to start this blog out by saying that musical domination is something I’ve been doing with my subs ever since I dove into the depths of dominance/submission. I don’t often talk about my unique domination practices that go hand in hand with financial domination but I’ve gotten many requests from subs over the years to write a blog about this so I can enlighten other Dommes about what I call ”musical domination” and another subject which I will post about in my following blog.

How did I come up with the idea of musical domination? It’s something I’m quite proud of. I haven’t seen any other Domme do this in the seven+ years I’ve been on the scene. This was a purely original idea that came to me while I was doing research on Guantanamo bay (If you don’t know what Gitmo is, please do a google search and educate yourself).

In my social life I actually dabble in political activism and I had been doing some research to learn a bit more about Gitmo. I came upon various accounts of musical torture being used on the prisoners in Gitmo to modify their behavior and I thought to myself that if the concept of musical torture/domination was toned down and modified to where it was no longer something dangerous to someone’s psyche, I could very well use this as a method of behavior modification for my subs and I was 100 percent right.

Now, anyone who’s spent time with me knows I’m a very musical person. I go to tons of concerts/shows and I have 3 music projects going on in my life, one of which has been active since I was 14. I truly enjoy the noise/experimental/avantgarde/PowerElectronics genres and I’ve been a fairly active musician in these categories myself for over 11 years – however, I keep all my music private and share only with people I’m close with. I feel it’s a subject I’m quite knowledgeable on and my music fully conveys to message I want to send to the people who enjoy the genre. Now, if you have any knowledge about music and sound frequencies, it is proven that certain beats/frequencies/rhythms are designed for certain things and so you feel certain emotions. There’s music that makes you happy no matter what mood you’re in, there’s music that makes you sad and then there’s the darker stuff that can make you feel paranoid, scared, angry, etc. Here’s where it all ties in with my subs.

All my full time subs have a program installed on their computer which lets me know exactly what they’re listening to, when they listened to it, how long they listened to it and on what media player they heard it. First of all, I use this to make sure my subs aren’t listening to crap. I’m a pretty big music snob and if I catch my subs listening to anything that doesn’t suit my tastes without my permission, they will be punished and they know this. The second way this wonderful little program helps me out is by making sure they listen to my mood inducing music when they’re punished, hypno files when I demand it, etc. A lot of the music I make them listen to is music that I myself have made, therefore it is CUSTOM made to fit the emotions I want them to feel. I use music as a sort of “mental will softener” on all my subs and to this day, my idea of using music as a domination technique has worked wonderfully. I’m not going to go into detail on the rest of my techniques because we’d be here all day.

Now, some people would argue that this is cruel or borderline torture but it’s really not. I’m the last person who would ever use means of torture on someone I care for (yes I actually care for my subs). That being said, I’ve done YEARS of research on this subject, I seem to be the ONLY Domme in the industry that does this,and have come to perfect my techniques so that this is done in a safe sane and consensual way – as everything in the kink world should be done. There’s no doubt that this style of domination can become dangerous REALLY quick. If you think that’s bullshit, I invite you to investigate references of music used in psychological experiments as torture throughout history. As someone majoring in psychology, I know how this can affect people and it is VERY real. Don’t believe me? Just watch A clockwork orange for a small example of what I mean when I say music can help modify someone’s behavior.

That being said, I like to think that the way I’ve taken a spin on this concept and made it my own is very unique and ss&c. It’s something my subs have learned to enjoy through the years and the boy who has been with me for 4 years has seen the techniques in my method grow and be perfected. It’s something I’m quite proud of – and everyone should feel proud of their accomplishments eh?

Curious about my musical behavior modification methods? Send a tribute and ask!

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