I’ve been talking about my plans for this site for a few months now and how they’re finally coming to fruition after (in some cases) months to YEARS of waiting to be unveiled. I’m proud to present my newest project – NECRONOMIDOMME.COM
This is a personal femdom project I’ve had in mind for almost 3 years which has been heavily inspired by my top 5 favorite bands (Think NIN, Type O Negative, Manson, HIM etc) & artists as well as Femdom and elements of dark magic. For now, the site is bare bones with a few of my erotic dark magic tasks and MP3’s on it but more is coming VERY soon. This for me is very specialized niche branding closer to my vanilla self as the “pink bratty princess” is only one part of me – there’s a duality to me, a dark side. And that dark side of me isn’t afraid to descend into the darkest areas of erotic magic to use, abuse and control you.
My bitchcraft has been refined over years of practice and has been turned into an artform. I don’t expect this to be for everyone as it will definitely take subs with a certain kind of morbid curiosity to be interested…but once you’re in, you’re trapped. So proceed with caution, boys. Will you be one of the disciples lucky enough to experience my power?

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