Political Reprogramming: Election Year Hypnosis

With my new clip ‘Political Reprogramming: Election Year’ set for release in a few days, I thought it was only natural to shed some light on what the the clip will entail since it is something that is unheard of in the Femdom scene.

For years now I have been employing various brainwashing techniques UNIQUE only to me in this industry. One of my famous techniques employs musical domination and while that one is great, the one which this blog topic focuses on is my absolute favorite.
I won’t go into details of my methods essentially, Political Reprogramming is yet another one of my unique methods which simply put, is reprogramming my subs to have my same political views.

It’s not secret that I’m very involved in politics – it is a subject I have always been passionate about and I can’t have my loyal followers going around with crap opinions or views when it comes to politics. No – that will absolutely not fly here. I’ve skillfully perfected my technique over the years through trial and error and I’m very proud to say that it works beautifully. A sub can come to me as a complete hard headed Republicunt and within a few weeks will be singing a very different tune.
This is ABSOLUTELY not the type of play to engage in with me lightly. Through my carefully crafted process, you will leave a completely new person with an political opinion similar to the only one that counts – mine.
That being said, if you are brave enough to step up to the plate, I can guarantee you not only anew outlook on politics, but a new outlook on life.
Are you game?

Just remember, you saw it HERE first.

Additionally, click HERE for a free video teaser preview.

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