The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Financial Domination Vol 2

As many of you ladies know, I’ve been around for quite some time and have a fair share of experience under my belt. A few years back I wrote a blog called “The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Financial Domination Vol 1” which can be found on It served as a type of guide to help new Dommes find their footing in the scene. This blog was very highly received by many women online and to date is one of my most visited pages on my website. I figured that there are many other issues which that blog didn’t touch up on so without further adieu, I give you The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Financial Domination Vol 2.

How do I pick a good name?
This is definitely one thing that should not be rushed. The name you pick is essentially your brand and you’re stuck with it for as long as you’re in the scene. Of course you can rebrand down the line but rebranding is difficult, time consuming and can ultimately be a huge hassle. I understand that rebranding is necessary sometimes but it’s something that should be avoidable when possible if rebranding includes changing your name. That being said, back to the name issue, you should pick a name you feel comfortable in and it is not advisable to use your real name due to the nature of our industry. It took me a couple of weeks to come up with my name. I had tons of names in the books jotted down and slowly but surely would knock them off my list until I was down to just a few, and Jezebel was the name that won ultimately because it has always been one of my favorite names and also because of the historical context of it. My surname however, took years to develop and that’s okay if it takes you some time to add a surname – or if you even want one at all. For years I was simply Miss Jezebel but down the line I wanted something that created more of a staple for me, something that could be remembered without the “Miss” title and once again, the creative process of finding a good name combination started. Something I personally wouldn’t recommend is going with a generic name such as “Princess of Money” or “Miss Cash Queen” because it is almost certain that MANY other known Dommes use those titles on top of their name, so if a sub goes searching for you, you won’t be the first result.

How do I hide my identity?

Keeping your identity separate from your adult industry alias is pretty important. Along with your real name comes real information such as addresses, phone numbers, social media and more. People looking to blackmail you can use that against you and try to ruin your life or in some cases stalk and harass you with even worse motives. I pray that none of you ever have to go through some of the stuff that I went through for not correctly protecting myself. There have been 2 instances of other women (unfortunately) in this scene who have stalked and harassed me and my family due to jealousy and petty issues. Thankfully, it was just petty online stalking in one of the cases. The worst of the damage was a fake facebook profile and contacting my family and friends telling them I was in the industry. Of course, they already knew. To prevent this fromm happening to you, there are plenty of measures you can take. For one, ALWAYS get private domain registration with whatever domain name provider you go with. It ranges from $5-$10 a year and is REALLY worth it in the long run. It hides all your legal registration info from people who go looking it up. Another option is if you have a legal DBA as well as a business address and phone number you don’t mind publicizing, you can use those details in your registration info and bypass the cost of paying for a private domain name yearly. Another thing I would personally recommend to all women is to use a PO box or a PMB on amazon. Sometimes, items sold through 3rd parties will show your name and address to subs buying stuff off of your amazon wishlist and if you use your Domme name and a PO box, that won’t be an issue. Lastly, and most importantly, be smart about what you let on. Don’t give people your real name ever, don’t use the same email address for adult and vanilla things, and never use vanilla payment processors to take adult industry payments (ex: don’t use a paypal linked to your real name to take payments from a sub)

Is a PO Box really that important?
In the long run, if you’re going to be receiving gifts from amazon or having your subs mail out payments to you, then yes, a po box is very important but there are other options you can use as well. I’ll list out the pros and cons of each below:
Home address: hey, it’s free and easy, you don’t have to leave your house at all to get your mail but it comes with the risk of subs being able to see your address on amazon. It is not recommended to give out your home address freely because they can find more information on you with nothing other than your home address.
PO Box: It’s fairly cheap yearly. Usually somewhere from $20-$40 a year depending on the size of the po box you decide to get and honestly, it really pays off if you get a lot of mail from subs. The downside is that some 3rd party sellers on amazon don’t ship to PO Box addresses and that can be a huge hassle. So essentially, certain things from amazon or some websites will not be able to be mailed out to you at all.
PMB (Personal Mail Box): These are pretty much exactly like PO boxes, they usually cost about the same as a PO box per year but they are provided to you through private business that have nothing to do with USPS. A lot of competing mail services like Pack Rats stores etc will offer PMB’s. They are much better than PO Boxes because they have normal street addresses and there are no restrictions on amazon from sellers because everyone will mail to a normal street address. The only downside to these is that sometimes, they will charge you an extra amount if your packages exceed a certain size. Still though, it’s a small price to pay. Personally, PMB’s are my preferred method for receiving cash and gifts.

How can I manage my time?
Time management is not only important to being a part of this industry but it is an essential skill to have in the scene. It can be very hard to juggle cam schedules, social media, real time sessions and time to film clips and make PTV’s for sale. Everyone has different ways that work for them to manage their time but for me personally, I like to make a notepad document daily and list out 3-6 things that I need to get done that day with loose time frames for by which I should have finished with the task at hand. Additionally, I have a calendar app that schedules which sub owes me how much weekly. For example, let’s say slave DoctorSix has to pay me $500 per week on Mondays before 12 pm, I have an alarm set at 12:01pm every Monday, letting me know that his payment is due. This alarm clock payment scheduling has helped me remember who owes me what a TON and is a huge time saver.

What are some alternatives to youtube?
We’ve all been there. Our youtube accounts getting flagged for seemingly no reason and never getting reinstated because of the medieval ass backwards policies that youtube has towards people in the adult industry. I understand it and unfortunately, there is not much that can be done, and to be quite honest, there’s very few sites short of porn sites that are adult friendly, but there are a few that are “friendlier” than youtube.
DailyMotion: Pretty decent. Never really had a problem with them. Their traffic seems to be on the slower side but they allow some risque stuff on the site as long as it isn’t too blatant. They platser advertising on their site and videos though.
Vimeo: Vimeo is a video hosting site that is mostly for people who create art, videography,and photography. Unless you have a paid subscription, there is a limit on how much you can upload per week. I believe that it is 1 gigabyte per week. It might be two but I haven’t uploaded there in a while. While they ARE adult friendly if it is “tasteful artsy nudity” they don’t take too kindly to extreme femdom type stuff. I had one account flagged and removed due to having some ballbusting segments in a video. I would recommend only uploading tasteful teases to this video host.
Pornhub/Porn sites: This is pretty much your best bet if you want to upload heavy or extreme femdom type stuff. They probably won’t have a category for it but you can add tag words and they don’t seem to discriminate too much against adult industry women who do findom, so chances are this is your best bet to put out unrestricted promotional material. Personally? I use all of these options because the more exposure, the better.

What social media accounts should I have?
Social media is pretty much the most important marketing tool you have since this is mostly an online based profession. There are a few key social media accounts you should have for different purposes and I’ll list them out by order of importance below.
Twitter: Twitter will become your best friend if you end up on the “successful side” of findom. For many years I refused to use twitter because I was doing very well for myself. When I finally gave in and joined twitter, things only got better. This is the best tool to bring exposure to your name, brand and websites. Use hashtags, tweet often and make friends.
Vine: This is pretty much an awesome way to make short videos of yourself that are public and can be reposted twitter style to other people’s followers. I’ve had a great experience with vine and as long as your videos stay on the tamer side of things, chances are you won’t have too many problems with people flagging your content. This is another great way to bring exposure to yourself from potential subs and slaves.
Fetlife: Be active on the boards on fetlife. Both in the local ones to you and the financial domination groups. It will bring attention to your name from both Dommes and subs while simultaneously teaching you about things related to the world of financial domination. There are a lot of very informative threads in those groups and it wouldn’t hurt to scroll back through them and do some deep reading.
Snapchat: This one’s important. Three words ladies: SELL YOUR SNAPCHAT. And no, not your vanilla snapchat. Make a separate account for your findom and femdom stuff and sell the ID. Post daily stories and sell access to it. I guarantee you that you will not only make money off of this but have a blast doing it.

How do I respond to poaching?
If someone “stole” your sub, take the high road and let them have him. You have to remember that it takes two to tango and it’s not like a Domme came out of the blue and forced your sub to tribute her at gunpoint. Any sob stories he has will most likely be just that – sob stories full of lies. Both parties are equally as guilty if a Domme knew about his ownership status but honestly, if your sub went out looking for other Dommes and he tributed one without her knowledge of his status, then he’s the only one at fault. It’s very hard to know the specifics in these cases and thankfully, I’ve never had a sub of mine poached so I haven’t been in this situation but I DO know that if it were to happen, I would simply cut off contact for good with the sub in question.
If a Domme is trying to poach your sub and your sub informs you however, then the process I would personally take is to email the Domme in question letting her know that he is happily owned and you are aware of her intentions and don’t appreciate her advances. It’s better to hash out any possible beef before it escalates.

How do I respond to online trolling/bullying?
Unfortunately, this is something we’ll have to deal with for a long time being in the industry. People know that adult industry workers are “triggered” by certain words and there’s plenty of troll accounts created specifically for targeting adult industry members – particularly Financial Dommes. There’s really no way to deal with these types of accounts other than reporting and blocking the accounts. I know at first these accounts might get to you but a few years in, you’ll grow thick skin and learn to just let them bounce off of you. These people are mostly likely lonely and have nothing better to do with their lives and I personally take solace in the fact that I know my life is excellent and I’m doing much better than them. In most cases though, these people are subs who were wronged by a Domme and they turned into spiteful, hateful people towards innocent women in the industry.

How do I stand out from the crowd?
This is a tougher question because there is no right answer that fits every single woman. People have different styles and different techniques that work for them. The best advice I can give you is to be true to yourself and do the things that you’re comfortable with. Don’t change your personal style just because you might think that another aesthetic makes more money. Trust me, it doesn’t. The women in this industry who are successful and make money are only that way because they are DRIVEN and they put their all into what they do, not because they have a certain look. There are SO many different styles, aesthetics and body types in this industry, all who have an equal chance of being highly successful. The only thing that differentiates them is their drive and will to be successful.

How do I budget my slaves?

There’s plenty of simple things you can do to have your slaves start keeping track of their expenses and saving more money to be able to tribute to you. Fort example: say you have a sub who is in college and has a part time job – that’s no excuse as to why he shouldn’t meet the standards that are expected of other subs. Cutting corners is a necessity in life and tributing you will teach him this skill. For boys who have limited income, selling items online, doing paid research studies, cutting down on junk food and fast food as well as doing odd jobs on the side are good ways to ensure your sub has extra cash available to spend on you.
I like to have my boys use spreadsheets where they log their income as well as how much extra cash they make per week doing odd jobs and selling stuff. It’s great to see these spreadsheets as they get bigger because you can see how much they grow as financial subs and how much improvement there is in them from when they first started.

That’s all for now but I’m glad I could finally get around to writing part two and helping more women get started in the world of financial domination. For more tips and help, visit my websites & and don’t forget to follow me on twitter at @JezebelSinclair
til next time!

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