Donate to the Las Vegas Victims & Get Rewarded

Unowned subs, please take a day away from tributing Dommes to send donations to the victims of the massacre in Las Vegas. Trust me. We WILL understand if you skip out on tributing us to donate the money to people in need.
Dommes, I beg you to order your subs to donate their weekly/daily etc tributes to relief funds. We can and should be doing everything within our power to help, especially being in the position that we are, where we have the expendable income.

That being said, any and all subs who can prove to me with screenshots or photos that they either donated $5 or more to the relief fund for the Las Vegas massacre or that they donated blood today in the Las Vegas area will get 2 free photosets (of my choice) from my niteflirt PTV’s as well as a short clip of me thanking you for your efforts during these terrible times. Donate $50 or more and I will provide you with the above mentioned, and free lifetime access to my Private twitter. Send photographic proof to

It’s time to come together and do something for those suffering. I encourage all subs to donate and all Dommes to instruct their subs to donate. Let’s make a change. – Jezebel Sinclair


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