About The Domme



Welcome to the beginning of the end. You’ve reached your final destination and from now on, nothing matters other than me. Just one look from me drives you wild. One look and you’re ready to die for me and that’s EXACTLY how it should be. You’re now playing my game and the game is that of a predator taunting her prey. I’m the spider, you’re the fly and unfortunately for you, you’ve been trapped in my web of mental manipulation. My physical perfection coupled with my mental games has been the downfall of countless men in the past and no doubt will be for plenty of men in the future.
You’re no different.
You WILL fall.


I’m here to be treated like the Goddess I am and you’re here to make that happen. Know your place and we will get along swimmingly. My personality is Dominant by nature and I’ve claimed my rightful throne with absolutely no intention of ever leaving it. I know exactly what I deserve. I deserve the best and will accept nothing short of it. I am perfection and it just so happens women of my caliber are a very rare breed nowadays.
Refined, elegant, gorgeous and WAY out of your league, I was created as the embodiment of perfection so men exactly like you could carry out their life purpose of fulfilling my every desire. I rule with an iron fist sheathed in my velvet glove and you’ll soon experience just what that means. If women who know their worth and power make you uncomfortable, I do implore that you move along. I’m a woman of many talents and wonderful characteristics but patience for having my time wasted is not a virtue I have.


I’ve developed a very open mindset since joining the scene in 2009. Kinks that gave me the creeps back then have since become some of my favorite types of play to engage in. I’m constantly evolving as a Dominant and learning more about my kinks as time goes by. Since joining the scene, I dove in completely head first into the exploration of my dark side. exploration is something I see necessary to become a good Dominant. The only way to know if you’ll truly like or dislike something is to experience it – so naturally, I focus on building my experience in a safe sane and consensual way and learning what fetishes I truly like through exploration with my personal subs before bringing them into my pro domination. I feel that I grow my skills and expertise as a Dominant with every scene I craft whether it be personal or pro. Experience is everything in this lifestyle and I have an incessant hunger to better myself through exploration. It is an honor that I allow you boys to be a part of my journey and that is something you should never forget. You are lucky to be a part of my growth.


My brand of domination is sadistic with extreme sensuality intertwined. I focus heavily on sensual sadism as it is what gets ME going and ultimately that is what matters when someone is serving me. You are here to please me, not the other way around no matter what you may think. Many people forget that for some people this isn’t just a job but a lifestyle which we love from the bottom of our black little deviant hearts. I only engage in fetishes I truly enjoy because I want the connection with the submissive serving me to be real and raw during my scenes with clients. There is no way to fake real enthusiasm successfully in my opinion which is why I never engage in play that I don’t like with a client – even if it isn’t a limit. What you see with me is what you get and the enthusiasm on my face during every session is 100% genuine. There’s nothing I love more than to hear you whimpering and struggling under my control. Your pain and pleasure mixing is what feeds and drives me. Your agony instills a primal bloodlust in me that can only be satiated by your screams.



There’s a few things you should keep in mind when reaching out to me .
  • My Time is Precious: You have one chance to prove yourself and one chance only. First impressions are a big deal to me – proceed accordingly.
  • Play By My Rules: I will drop you like a bad habit if you refuse to do so. I’m the Goddess and you’re the servant. Remembering your place will be beneficial to your mental AND physical well being.
  • Personal Space: I value intelligent subs who can go for a minute without having me command their every move. If I say give me space it means give me space. There is no quicker way to make me drop you than to not listen to THIS particular rule.
  • Respect my limits: If I order you to stop it means stop. Do not do anything that makes me uncomfortable as it will probably not end well for you.

Personal Servitude

I take ownership and collaring VERY seriously. I do not engage in velcro collaring as I consider every sub I take into ownership as being in a relationship with me and me exclusively unless otherwise noted. The boys who serve me have been tested through time and stressful situations yet they remain loyal to me and that’s ultimately what matters most. I care deeply for all my subs but ultimately, the dynamics of my relationships are kept private between my subs and I. If you’d like to serve me beyond just a business relationship and we click, be aware that I will test your patience, your emotions, your physical and mental abilities but it will all be worth it in the end.