Distance Training


There are various forms of distance training I can provide for a submissive in need of a dominant woman to take control of his life. This is the best option for you boys who desperately want to serve me but cannot do so in person. I understand that not everybody is located in cities I travel to and it is not within everyone’s means to afford the luxury of traveling to me just for a one off session. In some cases it’s even simpler – subs would just like to speak or have some sort of interaction with me before booking a session and that’s perfectly fine too.

Phone Training

I offer phone domination through Niteflirt ONLY. I used to do sessions through sinfulcall, verifiedcall & myphonesite but it became a really confusing mess when I would start to receive simultaneous calls. Now all my calls are handled seamlessly in one place through a website that has proved itself time and time again to me. My prices change for each line depending on availability and demand for the phone line. My prices however vary between $1.99 and $9.99

Webcam Training

I prefer to conduct my cam sessions via skype but I will accommodate to do yahoo based cam sessions as well. The reason I have a preference for skype is because cam runs much smoother and seamless compared to yahoo's laggy cam. Please note that I will not accommodate detailed clothing requests etc. YOU are serving ME, not the other way around. This is not burger king - you do not get things your way. to set up a webcam based training session you may contact me through my contact page.

Text & Email Training

For more information about text, email and messenger based training, please send your inquiry to my email. Training is priced according to your individual request - on a case by case basis.