Frequently Asked

What my I address you as?

Anything that shows me proper respect. Miss, Mistress, Goddess, Queen and Princess are all acceptable. Use proper capitalization and never just call me Jezebel. 

What is your current age?

I was born on April 15th 1991. I’ll go ahead and let you do the math assuming you’re smart enough to do some simple equations.

How many slaves do you own?

The answer is none of your business. My relationships are kept private for a reason unless that particular relationship’s dynamics call for publicity. If you look hard enough, you can figure out approximately how many I own but I will not disclose the number.

What's your favorite way to receive tributes?

Cold hard cash will always be my favorite simply because I can use it for whatever I want with no restrictions. 

What's your favorite fetish?

Humiliation hands down. I’m a huge fan of all types of humiliation but I am particularly fond of public humiliation. And no, I don’t mean do some stupid shit on cam – I mean REAL public humiliation. Aka going out into public and humiliating yourself in front of hundreds of people for my enjoyment. 

How long have you been in the scene?

Since mid 2009. My focus originally started as being an online only Domme but that quickly changed as I discovered my desire and NEED for something real and tangible.

How did you come up with your name?

Jezebel has always been one of my favorite feminine names and when I joined the scene, I thought the name was quite fitting. For years I was known only ass Miss Jezebel but in 2014, a friend mentioned that a surname would probably “make” me as far as how other people know me. I researched surnames of the elite of the world and Sinclair just had a beautiful ring to it. 

Do you do nude/topless sessions?

During sessions I believe ONLY in CFNM meaning no, I will not do topless or nude sessions but I respect any Domina who wishes to – it’s just not my taste and I am not comfortable with exposing myself to anyone who doesn’t deserve it. My body is a temple and only the best men are allowed to see it.

Where do you session out of?

I’m currently in the process of building my home dungeon and am still unsure if I will be taking sessions in it or using it for personal play. At the current moment, I session out of my personal dungeon (Noir Chamber) with subs I am familiar with or hotel rooms & professional domination establishments in whichever city I happen to be visiting for new subs. 

Who made your site graphics etc?

I did. There are many women who have plagiarized and stolen my work to claim as their own but any photo, graphic or writing you see on my site is mine and mine alone. Please do let me know if you see someone else copying me or stealing. You will be justly rewarded.

Can I serve you on a personal level?

If you have to ask how to become mine I probably don’t care for you on a personal level. Smart boys know exactly what to do to get my attention and make me happy. Keep in mind though, I will test your mind, patience and body. Serving me is not for the faint hearted or feeble minded. 

My question isn't here

Respectfully send me an email inquiry.