Personal Servitude

Purple Leather Corset
“In Domination there is responsibility. In Submission there is freedom. In both there is LOVE”


I wish I could tell you how many inquiries I get on the daily about personal servitude. What is personal servitude? To me, it’s something SACRED. Untouchable  and divine. The men who have the opportunity to serve me on a personal level are all people who I respect and LOVE. personal servitude (ownership) to me is an equivalent to what vanilla people see marriage as. It is a bond of trust, respect and love.

Collaring: Kinky Marriage

If the term “marriage” scares you, then personal servitude – aka being collared is NOT for you. At least not with me. I do not engage in “velcro collaring” as so many do. I find it to be distasteful and a waste of time and strength both physical and emotional if both parties are not on the same page when in a collared relationship.  Being collared/owned is not for the faint hearted or weak willed. I am a Domme but I’m also a human being. I am extremely hard headed and set in my ways as most Dommes are and I will test your patience and strength both physical and emotional.

The fact is that being owned is essentially being married to me. If you can’t handle that, then you my dear sub are on the wrong page of my website. The boys I take into consideration to be owned each have a special relationship with me which I wouldn’t trade for the world but there one similarity in all of them – I am the ringleader. I am the one wearing the pants in the relationship and you;re just going to have to put up with it (or love it). That being said. All my D/s relationships to date have been extremely fruitful and successful. What defines success in these D/s relationships? Harmony & happiness. I may be crushing your balls, I may be whipping your ass or I may simply be talking to you like a human being but the fact is I’m comfortable with the ones I own and that in itself means the world to me.

I don’t have an application for D/s ownership due to how impersonal applications are. I prefer my relationships to occur organically through time. There is plenty of material on this site that will help you get to know me and what I like a little better. If you’ve gotten through this wall of text and haven’t ran away, props to you, maybe there will be something in the future – or maybe there won’t. Only one way to find out.

-Jezebel Sinclair