Your Pain Is My Pleasure


Experience Your Fantasy By Living My Reality

Sadistic Arizona based Latina ProDomme. Femdom film producer, kink connoisseur & wild deviant.
Legendary fetish model building an auspicious Femdom empire one slave at a time.

I want you to think of your definition of what Female Domination is.
Now, I want you to forget it all. Wipe your mind clean. I am your new teacher in this world and I’m going to redefine the term Femdom for you. It is in your best interest to remember that you are here to serve ME, not the other way around. Know your place and we will get along swimmingly. I do not and will not cater to any fetish or kink that does not appeal to me. I only indulge in play which I legitimately enjoy and if you have a problem with that, it is best that you move along. I have no intention of bending my will for anything or anyone.

Right about now, you’re wondering what your place in my life will be aren’t you? You’re wondering what gets me going. Well, I can guarantee you’ll be finding out for your own quite soon. The answer is quite simple really. I rejoice at the sight of your struggle, I revel at the sound of your pain and I crave the intensity that rushes through my body as I use your mind, body and soul for my own whims and pleasure. Simply put, I LOVE the feeling of having you at my mercy and I want to hear you scream for me.

Are you finally beginning to get the picture?
Your sacrifice and pain are what get me going. I have zero interest in men who do not have a BURNING desire in their heart and loins to serve me with every fiber of their being and drop of their blood. I will repeatedly test your will, your strength and your sanity….and we both know you’re going to love every torturous second of it. Ignore the humiliation, ignore the pain. Today is the beginning of the rest of your life. Your time has come my pet, kneel before your superior and experience what TRUE Domination means.

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